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New Data Sources Added to CCC Data Warehouse

June 29, 2021

word cloud related to dataCCC Data 2.1, released to production, has expanded the data sources that feed into the CCC Data Warehouse and the ways the data can be accessed by colleges and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.

The release includes a major upgrade of the Data Warehouse Report Server to Jaspersoft 7.8 and an update to the user guide, as well as expanded data sets from the Chancellor's Office Curriculum Inventory (COCI) and Course Identification Numbering System (C-ID). Additionally, Canvas data is now available to a limited set of users by direct connection to the Data Warehouse via site-to-site VPN.

Having a wide variety of data sources for reporting purposes allows colleges to derive a more accurate understanding of student outcomes. The Data Warehouse now includes data from CCCApply Standard and International applications, the California College Promise Grant application, Multiple Measures Placement Service, COCI, and C-ID.

Canvas data is available on a limited basis while the Canvas application undergoes an update. For the time being, Canvas data will be available through direct connection to the Data Warehouse to users at district offices, at single-college districts, or that are part of a district that elected to configure Canvas at the college level.

Canvas reports that a new version known as Canvas Data 2 is now in pilot. Once Canvas Data 2 is deployed, the CCC Data team will update the Canvas integrations to provide support for authorized users at any California community college to access their Canvas data through the Data Warehouse, once the college has requested its inclusion.

The CCC Data 2.1 release also includes support for MIS, Launchboard, and NOVA data in the Data Warehouse, which may be accessed by authorized users at the Chancellor's Office. The CCC Data team is working with the Chancellor's Office to establish the data governance needed to make colleges’ data within these data sets available to them in future releases.

Looking ahead to the next release, CCC Data 2.2 will include a major update to how user accounts are managed. The release will provide for single sign on (SSO) integration, inclusion of support for CCC MyPath data, and updates to reflect schema changes and data integrations.