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Pathways to Equity Learning Series

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Adopting the Active Learning Framework in Action Four Part Series
November 2021 - February 2022
This series of webinars will provide information and guidance related to how colleges have adopted Student Equity and Achievement (SEA) Program Guidance, Guided Pathways Funding and Calls to Action with a focus on the Vision for Success. This series will highlight successes and challenges affecting colleges in this process, and will provide examples of successful methods of implementation that may encourage participants to apply example methods to their Equity Plans and efforts.

Date: Tuesday, November 9 | Learning Teams
This webinar emphasizes how learning successful equity implementation in the system requires a village. This webinar will also provide resources for students and faculty to use on their campus.

: Tuesday, November 30 | Learning Outcomes Data
This webinar focuses on elevating the current reality of equity in our system through data, alongside elevating student voices on campus.

Date: Tuesday, January 25 | Learning Environment
This webinar provides examples and resources to ensure that colleges provide an equitable atmosphere for their students, whether in an actual classroom or online. This webinar will discuss how every area of a college has a role in ensuring equitable student learning.

Date: Tuesday, February 22 | Learning Materials and Curriculum
This webinar will discuss the need to shine a light on curriculum resources to create a more equitable environment. This webinar will focus on the ways that the current learning curriculum hinders and supports inclusive environments and active learning, alongside ways to make the curriculum more equitable.

For more information visit the webinar series website.