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California Connects Mobile Internet logoCalifornia Connects, a service offered through CollegeBuys, is celebrating its first anniversary this month. California Connects is a mobile hotspot powered by Sprint that works for any Wi-Fi enabled device.

The compact hotspot provides nationwide access, so users stay connected at home, in the community, and on the go. The product supports the Foundation for California Community College's equity and student success work by helping bridge the “digital divide” faced by some students and communities. Subscriptions are $19.99 with no contract and no throttling, suspension, or overage charges.

Retail plans from the same wireless company price from $40 to $115 monthly. Please consider sharing the low-cost mobile internet service with your friends and colleagues. Get started here.

CollegeBuys, a program of the Foundation for California Community Colleges, serves to aggregate the system’s buying power to obtain the most advantageous pricing for goods, products and services for all of California’s community colleges. For more information, visit the CollegeBuys website at

Jorge Burwick is a program specialist at
the Foundation for California Community Colleges