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CENIC 2016 Conference: The Right ConnectionDo you have an interesting project or current topic that you want to share with an information technology audience at CENIC 2016? You are in luck—the deadline to submit a proposal has been extended to Nov. 30.

The CENIC Program Committee is seeking success stories! Tell us how you implemented a campuswide wireless deployment, how you are automating threat mitigation, or how your organization is utilizing the CalREN network to reach the K-12 community in a creative and interactive manner.

The CENIC 2016 Conference: The Right Connection, is being held March 21-23, 2016, at the University of California-Davis in Davis, Calif. Visit the conference website for more information.

Presenters at the conference will be afforded a rare opportunity to take the stage as thought leaders in front of a unique audience that crosses all educational segments. CENIC’s Charter Associates include the California K-12 system, California Community Colleges, the California State University system, California’s Public Libraries, the University of California system, Stanford, Caltech and USC, as well as other leading-edge institutions and industry research organizations around the world.

Presentations should focus on applications and research that benefit from access to broadband networks, incorporate use of network technologies, and/or focus on expanding uses of broadband in California and beyond. Proposals typically fall into the following general categories:

  • Technology
  • Teaching and learning, with an emphasis on multiple segments of the K-20 community, community programs and services, research, and/or international collaborations
  • Advancement in the arts and culture through advanced networking
  • Trends/future developments, specifically in network technology and related applications

Projects or studies to be featured may be works-in-progress. The conference venue will be connected to CalREN to enable live demonstrations of content or capability. Please visit CENIC News - YouTube for examples of previous conference presentations. Submit your proposals now via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How to Submit a Proposal

Proposals may be submitted via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in MS Word, PDF, or plain text format. They should be no longer than three pages and should include the following information:

  • Name, title and contact information of presenter
  • The title of your presentation
  • A brief abstract of the proposed presentation topic
  • The presentation type (i.e. lecture, demonstration or panel discussion)
  • A short (one to two sentences) biography of all presenters
  • An estimate of the time desired for your presentation (Please keep in mind that most presentations should be no longer than 20 minutes.)
  • Any presentation requirements outside of normal requirements, such as a projector or microphone (e.g. increased network requirements or additional equipment like videoconferencing)

The deadline to submit proposals is Nov. 30. The program committee will review proposals, and presenters will be notified of acceptance by Dec. 21. Final presentation slides are due by Feb. 8, 2016.

General conference registration is now open. Please visit the CENIC website for more information. Questions about the program or proposals may be addressed to CENIC via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


California's education and research communities leverage their networking resources under CENIC, the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California, in order to obtain cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking to support their missions and answer the needs of their faculty, staff, and students. CENIC designs, implements, and operates CalREN, the California Research and Education Network, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of these communities, and to which the vast majority of the state's K-20 educational institutions are connected. In order to facilitate collaboration in education and research, CENIC also provides connectivity to non-California institutions and industry research organizations with which CENIC's Associate researchers and educators are engaged.

CENIC is governed by its member institutions. Representatives from these institutions also donate expertise through their participation in various committees designed to ensure that CENIC is managed effectively and efficiently, and to support the continued evolution of the network as technology advances.

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