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California Community Colleges Information Security CenterI have been asked many times, “What are reasonable security controls?” This is a hard question to answer, as what I consider to be reasonable isn’t what others would. As an information security officer, I tend to be very risk-averse.

California Community Colleges Accessibility CenterIncluding checks for accessibility into information technology (IT) purchases is not intended to create difficulties or obstruct the procurement process. In fact, you can have a positive impact on accessibility when interacting with vendors even if you are not an expert.

California Community Colleges Online Education InitiativeFall terms are starting and we are running at full speed in the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI). There are many projects underway within the initiative and this post will be a true update of what’s happening as of Aug. 22.

CCC Accessibility CenterTechnology standards are a fundamental aspect towards ensuring the reliable interoperability of devices and systems as well as the exchange of information in a consistent and accurate manner.

California Community Colleges Online Education Initiative(Warning: The first part of this blog is my own thinking about what we are accomplishing. The second is updates on the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI). If you are here strictly for the updates, feel free to jump to the middle of the post. Otherwise, you might enjoy my praise of online teachers and what they bring to higher education. I’m just sayin’.)

A view of the San Diego Bay from the San Diego Marquis & Marina Hotel, site of the Online Teaching Conference 2016Since 2000, I have been attending the annual Online Teaching Conference organized by the California Community Colleges (CCC). The conference started small and was face-to-face, went through a completely virtual period from 2004-2005, then returned in a hybrid format with many of its face-to-face sessions being webcast.

CCC Online Education InitiativeThe purpose of this blog is twofold. The main goal of my writing these is to keep everyone updated on the progress of the California Community Colleges (CCC) Online Education Initiative (OEI). The secondary purpose is to foster an understanding of what it’s like to do this work. This month, I’ll be blending these two goals as I give you the current scoop on what’s up with OEI.

Photo by K. HanzWhile presenting recently, I used a PowerPoint slide that broke all of the style rules. It had way too much stuff on it, lots of writing crammed onto one small screen space. I did it on purpose. It was the list of what we have accomplished in two years! I call it the “WOW” slide and I’ve included it below.

blog outandabout te032416Required Course Review Myth Clarification: Before I start the main part of my post for this month, I want to clarify a misconception that has come to my attention. Any California community college can choose to adopt Canvas as their new course management system. Courses do not have to go through course review in order to migrate to Canvas. The use of the review process is purely a local college decision.