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It sounds like a joke: what happens when you cross a 3-D printer with a computer simulation of the human brain can that can count, remember and even gamble? A grant with a cash flow problem?

Inc. Magazine LogoThis blog issue strings together three articles that encapsulate the theme, “Big Ideas for the Grants Writing Revolution.”

Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World.Yes, what DO Algorithms have to do with grants—an interesting and perhaps perplexing question?

As always, I tend to read different sources, and saw in The Wall Street Journal’s September 20, 2012 Bookshelf review by Evgveny Morozov, “The Tyranny Of Algorithms,” which was a review of Christopher Steiner’s new book, Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World.

TLS is the primary stream encryption protocol used by technologies like HTTPS to prevent eavesdropping and other man-in-the-middle attacks. It is the most well-tested and dependable technology of its class, and is used for almost every scenario that requires encryption of streaming data.

With over 100 million tweets overall, the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London is now considered one of the most twittered about events in history. Usain Bolt's victory in the 2000-meter sprint garnered 80,000 tweets per minute (tpm), even more than the parachuting queen and Great Britain's gold medal in cycling. Forbes magazine considers the summer games the Olympics in which tablets and apps dominated, with many gold winners openly crediting their iPads for their success and as many as 12 million people watching the game on through their tablets or smartphones.

I belong to several technology-related online magazines, and  I scan them regularly to see if anything relates to grants. Recently, on the Center for Digital Education website, Tanya Roscoria wrote a story entitled: “Why Educators Should Connect Digitally.”

CCC Brainstorm: Where Minds MeetWe've spent a lot of time and energy working with our users and vendor to make CCC Confer a great tool for online instructors, with good results. The Confer classroom is equipped with assessment tools, interactive tools for collaboration and terrific content presentation options.

digg vi logoFacebook has undergone plenty of redesigns in the past, and each one has come with some amount of controversy. However, imagine how people would react if Facebook decided not just to dramatically redesign their site, but also to delete every piece of content and every user account that had ever been created on their site. Photos? Deleted. Wall posts? Gone. And imagine if this happened as a complete surprise to its users, with no present way to come back in and retrieve their years and years of content. This sounds like too far-fetched a scenario to ever play out, right?

Scott James Remnant is a big-league programmer.

At the Debian Linux project, he was the chief maintainer for some of the more critical pieces of Debian (and therefore Ubuntu and Mint) infrastructure, including the library compilation tool libtool and the software package management tool dpkg (basically, the program you use to install stuff).