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Code for AmericaHere’s the ticket for you developers, designers, researchers or entrepreneurs out there who would like to build a new generation of Gov.2 apps to help city governments work better: Code for America 2013 Fellowships.


According to the Code for America website, the program is looking for:

“Anyone with the skills and passion to make cities work better using technology. Many of you will be starting your careers, but others of you will have been working on the Web for years and just want a chance to do something important and altruistic. All of you will want to see your work make a difference to cities and change how government works."

To apply, prospective fellows must submit examples of previous relevant work, along with short essays explaining their interest, goals, and background. The application cycle for 2013 is now open with a Spring Cycle deadline of March 18, 2012. Fellowships begin January 2013.

The selected fellows convene at the Bay Area headquarters for a month of training, team building, working on internal tools, and project research. A key element of this portion of the program is the guest speaker series; leaders in both government and the web industry provide inspiration and build the corps’ networks.

During the 11-month program, fellows not only work together to help cities innovate, but also receive the training and support to be positioned as a leader in business, public service, or both.

According to its website, "Code for America fellows get a crash course in how cities work, mentorship and networking with the top names in tech and government, and a platform to launch companies and careers that will bring long-term innovation to the public sector. They also get a living-wage stipend, travel expenses, and healthcare for the year. Most of all, they get the chance to be heroes."

Applications are due March 18, 2012 for the Spring cycle, and July 29, 2012 for the Fall cycle. If you’re chosen, you’ll need to be available full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in January 2013 through November 2013.

So what’s to wait for? It’s really a new and exciting fellowship for those of you who are technologically on the cutting edge. Help improve our local governments by applying your know how and technical skills experience to improve public user satisfaction. Not only will you save trees by reducing the burden of paperwork, but you will help our municipalities become more effective in these tight budget times.

More information about the fellowships—including the application link—is available at the Code for America Fellows website.

General information about the program is available at the Code for America website.<>