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Kelly Kilby of Hobsons presents the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform at the California Collaborative Academic Advising Conference in October.In November, the California Community Colleges (CCC) Education Planning Initiative (EPI) team presented at various events and meetings, conducted its first webinar, and issued an Intent to Award for a career exploration tool.

EPI Enters Phase Two

EPI recently conducted its first-ever webinar, EPI 101, for the California Community Colleges. In the webinar, the Phase Two organization of colleges for the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform and Student Services Portal were discussed along with our timeline. Marketing information was also provided during the webinar, as it is part of the project for each of the colleges.

Colleges that are interested in the Starfish Enterprise Success Platform or the Student Services Portal products are encouraged to complete the interest survey, located on the EPI website. This will help the project team know who is interested in which of the products and when they are looking to potentially implement at their respective districts in the future.

Go For Launch

The Starfish Enterprise Success Platform is getting ready to “Go For Launch” in early spring with Degree Planner, our pilot colleges, and defined populations of students. Each pilot college will launch at different times and dates throughout the semester but we are looking forward to the results and will provide feedback as colleges launch at each location.

Look here on TechEDge for information as we go forward into the spring semester with Degree Planner.

Intent To Award

EPI was recently able to select a vendor for the Self Assessment and Career Exploration portlet. An Intent to Award is in process with Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI) for a career tool to help students reach their potential through illustrated connections and outcomes. Along with this, the team is working in conjunction with the CCC Strong Workforce Task Force on increasing workforce goals and collaboration between EPI and the work that is being done to help students with the skills gap in today’s economy.

Upcoming Events

Heading into 2016, EPI will be participating in the following meetings and conferences:

  • Jan. 13-14: CCC Datatel User's Group (3CDUG) - Diablo Valley College
  • Jan. 14: El Camino College Spring Flex Day
  • Jan. 14: Santa Barbara City College Spring Flex Day
  • Jan. 21-23: Academic Senate for CCC (ASCCC) Innovation and Instructional Design Institute - Riverside Convention Center

Robyn Tornay is a project manager for Education Planning and Student Services at the
California Community Colleges Technology Center